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When I was about 12 (1970) I attended a hot rod custom car show at the Wisconsin State Fair park in my home town of West Allis, Wisconsin. It was something I'll never forget as I came face to face with dozens of incredible hot customs and of course, real 1:1 show rods like the models I was building. That show, like many others around the country from 1960 to 1980, was an International Championship Auto Show (ICAS) run by Promotions, Inc.

The driving force behind the ICAS was Robert E. Larivee, Sr. His book, "Showtime" is shown to the upper left (ISBN 0-87358-278-0). It's a detailed account of the ICAS from its inception in 1959 to 1980--the glory days of the custom car hobby. Listed below are large postcard-sized cards showing some of the cars which appeared at shows in the 60s. Most cards had detailed descriptions on the back which I have included under each scanned image.


Paddy Wagon
Fireball 500
Strip Star
Phone Booth
King T
Dobie Gillis
Boot Hill Express
Popcorn Wagon
Ice Cream Truck
Cosma Ray
Bugs Buggy
Li'l Coffin
El Matador (L)
Dream Rod (L)
Mysterion (L)
Rotar (L)
Cards designated with (L) indicate a LARGE 6"x9" postcard.

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