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Thunder Charger

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This styling concept 1967 Dodge Charger is featured in the American International Pictures move "Thunder Alley" starring Annette Funicello and Fabian. The basic vehicle started as a 1967 Dodge Charger and was delivered to Barris Kustom City, North Hollywood, California, to be completely restyled and constructed to this unique show stopper.

One of the most outstanding design features is a cantilevered half roof line. Utilizing the basic Dodge top, the front portion has been made removable so the back half becomes cantilevered over the rear compartment. The front section can be latched into place quickly and is carried in the trunk compartment. The front end has been extended 8" with protruding, airflow fenders which taper into a complete roll pan. Two of the square, French Cibie headlamps flank each side of the Charger grille. The grille has been mounted in a free-floating manner. Slanted hood scoops are another feature.

The rear quarter panels have been extended 6" to provide balance to the car. The horizontal, full-width Charger tail light is tunneled into the rear quarters. Functional rear quarter panel scoops are recessed 1" to provide additional brake cooling. Rear wheel wells have been filled to allow a long, tapered silhouette. For added control and maneuverability on high speed runs, there has been a ring free airfoil attached to hand-formed pedestals extending from the top edge. This is made adjustable from the interior compartment to allow lift or drag in the rear end section tar control and drift.

Rader wheels utilize brushed alloy center spokes and chromed outer rim. Wide Oval Firestone tires, which place more rubber on the ground, are used. Reynolds Aluminum extruded finned heat guard side pipes extend with an inlet in the front fender plus outlet at the rear fender. For added air control in the compartment section, triple scooped air waist gates are installed in the top side panels. For power in this high performance vehicle, there is a Dodge Hemi 426 engine. Safety flush push down door handles have been engineered and formed to match the contour of the door panels. Dual Talbot chrome racing mirrors are installed on the upper door panels.

Interior is in white pearl naugahyde with 6" horizontal air foam tufted seats. Carpet is black looped nylon. The exterior finish has 20 coats of hand rubbed high luster acrylic lacquer in a bronze metalflake light overlay on gold Murano pearl. The silhouette body sides are in Kandy Apple Red, white and blue translucent tones trimmed in a black stripe. The vehicle then was coated in 10 coats of metalflake water-white clear acrylic for extra durability. Model Products Corporation has made available miniature models duplicating this vehicle for the hobby enthusiast and slot car racers. This show vehicle will also be on tour throughout the nation in many drag strips, theaters and automotive shows by Barris Kustom City.

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