"Peanuts, popcorn, only a nickel!" Gramps never saw this Popcorn Wagon. Only Carl Casper could visualize and build a Popcorn Wagon as unbelievable as this one. The body is walnut, and brass is the word for the rest of the trim used on the Popcorn Wagon. The radiator and lights are brass, and cast brass scrollwork is used to retain the vintage theme. The Popcorn Wagon comes complete with a vent on top for heat dissipation from the popcorn and peanut roaster. Casper did the paint and the red velvet upholstery work. The canopy is of Naugahyde velvet.

This beautiful machine is supported by a chrome-plated box tube frame, and up front there is a tube axle, leaf spring combination. The Popcorn Wagon is drawn by 427-inch Ford running an Isky 505 magnum cam, Cragar blower drive, and stacked GMC blowers. Power is delivered to the Cragar wheels and Goodyear rubber by means of a Ford C-6 transmission and a '67 vette rear end. And to know what's happening with all the running gear, full instrumentation courtesy of Stewart-Warner. The chrome work is valued at $4,000! From that figure alone, you know it will take a lot of nickel bags of popcorn to pay for Carl Casper's latest The Popcorn Wagon.

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