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Boot Hill Express

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"From out of the West come the thundering hoofbeats of... " Well, not really the Lone Ranger, but Kansas City customizer Ray Farhner's incredible Hemi-Hearse, the Boothill Express. Starting with a 100-year-old horse-drawn hearse, Farhner added a fuel-injected, 500 horsepower Chrysler Hemi engine, a pushbutton automatic transmission, a Ford truck rear axle and differential, and rear slicks.

Boothill Express has beauty to go with its power and humor, too. Underneath, Farhner had the complete undercarriage and frame chrome plated. Inside, he had Kansas City custom upholsterer Don Kite create diamond-tufted seats, velvet headliner, and elegant wooden trim. Topping it all off, Farhner added 30 coats of brilliant Mother of Pearl Gold paint finish, shadowed in a darker gold for special effect. Farhner's unique combination of antique hearse, injected drag car, and elegant custom has become an outstanding attraction wherever it appears.

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