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Take an old 1931 Model "A" Ford, add $10,000.00 in time and materials, and build a sensational Bonneville LSR coupe. That's what Kustom King George Barris did and the resulting vehicle attained speeds of over 200 m.p.h., then became a star on the Dobie Gillis TV Show and appeared in Car Craft Magazine. The car is now being toured by the Promotions, Inc., Show Car Division.

The original coupe body has been streamlined via chopping, channeling, sectioning, and recontouring with Reynolds aluminum panels. The hammer-welded frontal area, fully belly pan, and Speed Sport wire wheels reduce wind resistance. Attractive finish is pure Swedish pearl, two-toned with translucent Kandy Tangerine. Thirty coats achieve bottomless depth. The rear-mounted Cadillac Eldorado mill develops 500 horsepower with aid of Hilborn injection, 671 GMC supercharger, Weiland drive, Hunt magneto, Autolite electrical system, Ansen stroker kit, Isky cam, Mickey Thompson Accessories, and Dupree fuel pump. In-out box transmits power to Halibrand rear.

Driver safety is insured by tube frame, unitized roll bars and seat belt with shoulder harness. For show purposes, undercarriage and engine of the functional competition coupe have been bathed in chrome plating, while the interior has been covered with extruded aluminum. The XM:SC 210 Coupe proves a major step into the competition field for customizer Barris.

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