As we rounded out the Promotions, Inc., Show Car Division roster of feature attractions for the 1964-65 season, a top-notch rod was an obvious necessity. Little trouble was encountered though, as we needed look no further than Sacramento, California, where we found the wildest stock-bodied roadster, ever built. Sweepstakes winner at both Winternationals and Oakland shows, the rod is none other than Don Tognotti's KING-T. Don is positive proof that car enthusiasts are a different breed of people. Although he customizes cars strictly as a hobby, Don worked 20 hours a week over a period of 2 years to create this Model T extravaganza which is now valued at $10,000.

Why so much time and money spent on a hobby? In Tognotti's own words, "It gives a person the chance to be an individual." His answer appears to be quite accurate, for there can be no doubt that the KING-T, features stock fenders, body, windshield, radiator shell, and headlights with a turtle deck reproduced in fiberglass. The paint combines shades of special "chameleon" lavender, applied by Gene Winfield of Modesto who is also credited with the body work. The interior sports black deep-pile carpet, chrome-button tufted pearl-beige naugahyde upholstery, gleaming walnut instrument panel, and wooden steering wheel. Power comes from a modified 1955 Chevy engine, coupled to a Hydro trans. Don mounted Hilborn blower injectors on a special intake manifold. The biggest single feature of the KING-T is probably the undercarriage, for every piece, including the frame rails, has been chrome plated. A hand formed tube axle with 51 Chev coil springs supports the front end, while independent rear suspension is featured. Airheart disc brakes are utilized with inboard location at rear. The KING-T successfully fulfills builder Tognotti's objective of combining past and future into one wild automotive creation.

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