Should you be stopped by a strange-appearing police car that looks like 1910 but runs like 1970, don't be surprised. It's only customizer Carl Casper's newest and greatest creation, Paddy Wagon. More than seven feet high (!), Paddy Wagon is an imposing vehicle that draws approval and applause wherever it goes and well it might, because it is a Casper Classic, featuring Casper's unique design sense, whimsy, and painstaking craftsmanship and attention to detail. Nearly four years under construction, it shows every one of the thousands of hours and dollars invested in it.

Most recognizable of Paddy Wagon's exterior features are the 1910 Ford fenders and running boards, topped off by the hand-built "passenger" compartment. Highly-polished wooden trim is evident everywhere, as is the more than $1500 in brass-plating of horns, lights, and other accessories. Painted portions of Paddy Wagon are finished in blended pearl paints ranging from black and dark blue to white. Inside, Paddy Wagon features "police blue" velvet seats, satin-finished white oak, and still more polished brass. But for all its detailed customizing features, Paddy Wagon isn't about to be dusted off by speeders. Its big 427 cubic inch Ford engine is fed by four (!)-barrel carburetors that give it power to spare for the wildest chases.

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