Upon completion of the MUNSTER KOACH for the Universal TV, Kayro-Vue Production, Kustom King George Barris envisioned an even more spectacular, unworldly creation and immediately began production at his Kustom City in North Hollywood, California. The finished product currently appears in the Munster series.

DRAG-U-LA was designed in normal dragster fashion with tube frame and lively 350 h.p. Ford Mustang engine. Accessories include dual 4-barrel carbs, M-T manifold, Dupree fuel pump, and Autolite 12 volt electrical system. It is capable of quite respectable speeds, however the dragster similarity ends right there, for DRAG-U-LA looks more like a coffin on wheels. In fact, the body is an actual Owens-Corning Fiberglass casket, trimmed in royal purple velvet and finished in sedate Italian gold leaf. The marble gravestone grille carries the inscription: Born 1367, Died? Appropriately it is a one-man machine; the driver is positioned under a clear plastic bubble top. A four speed shift directs power to the rear wheels via 11" Firestone slicks and specially made 10" Rader rims of Reynolds aluminum. "Actually," observed Al Lewis alias Grandpa Munster, "the DRAG-U-LA is a real dual purpose machine. You can go in it or you can go in it!" AMT Corp, is duplicating the DRAG-U-LA in model kit form.

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