This humorous rod creation was designed and built at Barris Kustom City, North Hollywood, California for the movie "Out of Sight" by Universal.

Some of the many special effects and innovations needed for filming incorporate the following: dual hydraulic ramming spike tubes mounted in front of frame horns, push button flip running boards for shin breakers. Rear attached parachute bellows 35 feet to the rear that engulfs pursuing vehicle and causes them to crash. The ends of the front fenders shoot bullets while chasing vehicles. The locker trunk is a complete arsenal and is filled with machine guns, pistols, silencers, rockets, flares, grenades, knives, and brass knuckles.

As an added humorous innovation to make the pursuing opposition uncomfortable, there are also tar and feather wind blowers to completely saturate them during a chase. The rear fenders convert into flame throwers, and shoot long streams of fire at oncoming bad guys. There is also a complete screen that extends around the vehicle to make it a sign board along the side of the highway so as to be camouflaged from other agents.

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