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2002 Contest Winners!
Here are the winners from the 2002 modeling contest. Each model name is a link to that page. All of the 2002 contest entries are clearly marked in the Guest Gallery.

Name Place in Box Stock category Entry Model Dave's Comments Box Stock
Paul Canney 1st place T'Rantula Fantastic paint on this TD classic.
Dunane Ballard 2nd place Surfite Details make it a blast.
Don Valdiviezo 3rd place Beatnik Bandit II One of the best at engine detailing.
Dan Barten Rallymaster Favorite Garbage Truck Took a TD design I really do not like and made it look great.
Name Place Kitbash category Entry Model Dave's Comments Kitbash
Don Valdiviezo 1st place Barber Shop Car What can I say? Blew me and everyone else away. Sets a new standard in realistic kitbashing.
Tim Nolan 2nd place Red Baron The gift that keeps on giving--so much here.
Paul Burke 3rd place Little Casket Coffin 2 Understated elegance and the usual amazing finish from Paul.
Brandon Flannery 4th place Splitsville Originality off the charts.
Dave McGowan 5th place Groovy Gasser Wonderful details on TD adaptation.
Brandon Flannery 6th place Boot Hell Express Actually cleaned up the original design somewhat. Hilarious write up in the "spirit" of the original show rod genre.
Jim Johnson Rallymaster Favorite Ice Tease Super clean fun build with great presentation.
Name Place Vintage category Entry Model Dave's Comments Vintage
Tim Nolan 1st place Digger 'Cuda Outstanding milled engine parts and "real" looking roll cage--and yes, leave the decals off!!!
George Vretta 2nd place Li'l Roamin' Chariot Excellent stock build.
Pontiac Jack 3rd place Heatwave Love the Prowler tires on this rendition.
Rich Haberkorn Rallymaster Favorite Certain 'T' Looks real enough to drive.