Boot Hell Express

Built by:
Brandon Flannery in Bakersfield, California

The Boot Hell cackles to life in the slumbery garage of the Sleepy Hollow Cemetary...the T'rantula pipes spew the spent fiery breath of the red, 6 carbed Lincoln motor high into the darkness.

Mr. Bones is the yard keeper and he secures the Roth bubble top with a chilled hand and adjusts his saftey belt in preparation for this harvest moon ride. The silver moon peeks out from behind a cloud and awakens the blue metalflake on the heavily channeled body as he eases the shifter into gear and backs out of his hiding spot.

He turns the chrome Model A wheel to the left and the sucide front axle follows his lead. The lantern lights flick on and throw their yellowed beams out past the Tombstone radiator left over from Mr. Bones' old tow truck and into the darkness beyond...

The glass in the ancient hearse body shakes, almost with feverish anticipation, as the skeleton's right foot is moved from the brake and into the Moon pedal. With a lightning quick snap of both feet the gas is stomped and the clutch is side stepped. The old chrome quickchange and Model A spring struggle desparately to harness the Lincoln's six-carbed redline fury and channel it to the waiting pie-crust slicks.

The suicide front end comes up like a beast under power and the old Bad Medicine wheelie bar creaks under the load as it tries to muscle the car back down to the ground. In a haze of building smoke and a fiendish howling roar that sends werewolves scurrying for cover, the Boot Hell awakens and begins the rounds of Sleepy Hollow.

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