Splitsville (kitbash)

Built by:
Brandon Flannery
in Bakersfield, California

The contest brought on a question from the ever busy Steve Caranza "Could you build a model from a concept drawing?" Well heck yeah I can! Whatcha got? He shoots me this image of a widened Deora, with 2 Boothill Hemis complete with stacks.

Our prior conversation was about Hot Wheels and the anti-freeze green colored VW's with redline tires, so even though the picture was in black and white, there was no question on the color. A 70's custom surf wagon was the vision, and once all the kits arrived at my house they turned into a plastic reality.

I cut one Deora in half, and stripped the sides off of another. I stretched the bulkhead forward a bit past the new firewall and used the scrap body sides for engine compartment liners.

Keeping the frame intact, I was able to use the stock front suspension, and the new wide tires tucked right in. Out back I opted for a beefy 12 bolt and Badman ladderbars to hold the Hemi's to the road.

MPC slicks settled snugly into those double-width wheelwells and the slotted mags from a few Bad Medicines fit the drawing to a T. The Hemis were mated together and set into the frame.

The stacks grab air above the roofline of the split cab that holds the modified Badman seats and not much else.

The taillight and grill were sectioned and pieced back together from 2, and keep the original flow of the Deora intact. Admittedly, I was working on this right up until the last minute, and my wires did not come in from my hobby shop in time...I will be adding more to it, and resubmitting it to the gallery after the first of the year.



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