Garbage Truck

Built by:
Rob Riley
in Bloomington, Indiana

I used the re-issue Garbage Truck kit, and basically built it out of the box, with the exception of the wheels , tires and 2 simple body mods. I used the wheels and tires from the "Street Cleaner" Camaro snapper kit.

I had to lower the rear axle so that the huge rear tires would fit under the body. I used the kit-supplied suspension in front and back. The front suspension did not have to be modified to accept the front wheels. The tires were sprayed flat black, and the wheels were sprayed with zynolite chrome paint.

The body mods that I made are very simple. for starters, I cut the molded blower off of the hood, and smoothed corners of the opening. I used a peice of sheet styrene painted flat black, and glued it on the underside of the hood. T o replace the blower, I glued the injector stacks from the "super taxi" kit to the black styrene sheet.

For the other body mod, I made 2 filler panels painted flat black to go behind the front wheel-well openings to hide the fact that there isn't a motor under the hood. Without the panels, you could see right through to the other side.

I sprayed the cab Testors copper, and left it flat. There is very little shine to it (after's a garbage truck). I sprayed the garbage box, and the chassis flat gull gray. The interior is flat black, and the surf boards are Testors sunburst orange.



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