Barber Shop (kitbash of authentic 1:1 showrod)

Built by:
Don Valdiviezo
in El Paso, Texas

This the Barber Shop Show Rod - This Rod was one of my favorites as a kid growing up. I made it a point to attend the Darryl Starbird Shows every year to see if the show rod would show up, but it never did. Now I have scratch built one in 1/24 scale for all you kids at heart and show rod freaks.

This Rod is 90% scratch built, the only thing I did not do is the engine, drive train and tires. The frame, body, interior, rims, front grill, and barber shop posts are all scratch built.

This is done in pearl white with purple pearl hint in the clear. Real - red crush velvet interior with a lot of accessories. I would like to get in to detail, but it'll take two pages long. If any one would like a write up on it just e-mail me. I hope every one enjoys my HARD labor of love. Thanks Don!

Don: ps. There were two different changes of this Rod - the difference was the Blowers, one had two and the other one big blower, I don't know which came first.

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