Li'l Coffin Casket (kitbash)

Built by:
Paul Burke
in Cotati, California

The Lil Coffin will always have a place in my heart as the favorite show rod of all time. For some time now, I've had the idea of taking the old AMT 32 Ford Vicky and making a neo/traditional Coffin remake, blending old style with new technology.

The body has been chopped, channeled, sectioned to the max. The rear roll pan and tail lights are from the Ala Kart kit. The front nose piece is from the Beatnik Bandit. The engine is out of the new Revell 41 Willys kit. The chassis is from the 32 Phantom Vicky except the front dropped axle, which is from the RM 32 High Boy kit, along with the windshield frame.

The interior was made from several different kits, the Silhouette, Beatnik Bandit, and the phantom Vicky and was a bitch pony to make it all fit right.

The chrome bullits in the fire wall are from the AMT 57 Chevy Trophy series kit. The wheels are Pegasus American big and littles, and the headers are from the Lil Coffin kit. I made the side pipes from aluminum tubing.

The car was painted Brite Euro red with white upholdstery and decal detail inserts. The car took me 3 weeks to build.

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