Li'l Mixer (bashed from Li'l Gasser)

Built by:
Tim Nolan
in Edgewater, Florida

When the latest issue of the Li'l Gasser came out, I was excited to see the majority of the parts included for the Li'l Mixer with the kit!! I had downloaded the box art from Dave's site, and he had also sent me a copy of the instructions to go by, so I was pretty well set!

The chassis and basic motor are basically from the kit, and I used the Mixer Cab unit and drum as well. The drum supports were not included, so I fabricated some from plastruct sheet and Zapped them together.

I shot the cab, chassis, and block with House of Kolors Kandy Organic Green, and the water tank, mixer barrel and parts with Kandy Lime Gold, all over a silver micro flake basecoat. The interior is painted Testors Flat Gull Grey, and the floor, walls, and headrests are flocked with a mixture of grey and dark green Kens Fuzzy Fur.

I covered the barrel supports with Bare Metal Foil, as well as the backs of all the amber lights which were added on the top and rear of the truck. I had nabbed those from an old semi-trailer kit, and I also used some of the cone-shaped ones in the centers of the mags!

I added some photo etched/reduced parts throughout the build, including guages with metal rims and epoxy faces on the rear controls, dash panel and guages inside the cab, "Ford" badges on the valve covers, "TD Foot" gas and brake pedals, "Hancock" steering wheel center and horn button, and pulley faces.

Milled aluminum parts include the velocity stacks, exhaust tubes, steering column, distributor,and the end caps on the water tank. I love bending straight pins into things, so I made the nostalgia shifter with matching shift ball out of one, as well as the control arm on the rear. I also used a ball pinhead to make the VonDutch-style "Flying Eyeball" hood ornament! I ground the center out of the motometer that came with the kit, placed the ball in and painted in the details, complete with color-matched iris and bloody veins!!

I went to the spare-parts vault for a few custom goodies, including the nostalgia bulb-horn, the roof whip antennae, the hose spray-handle which was fabricated from an old shift handle,the single tailight panel which I also backed with foil, and the cement dump-tube which is an old exhaust tip.

The water hose is some large scale yellow detail line from Parma. The cement trough is made from some polished steel golf club handle scrap! I really enjoyed building this truck, and I have future plans for more of the "Gasser" kits including ideas for a dump truck, wrecker, and hauler of some kind!!! What a great kit!

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