Hyperion (kitbash)

Built by:
Scott Harrod
in Ulladulla, N.S.W. Australia

Well after stuffing around with bits 'n' pieces and clay 'n' Fiberglas here it is...my competition entry in the 'Scratch-built/Kustom-Made' class "THE HYPERION".

The story starts with a phone call from Paul Kelly asking me if I could design a 1:1 Show Rod with a bubble-top (Paul, Aden Jacobi & myself had just finished an article on Bubble-Tops placed on 1960's era Australian production cars for 'the NEWsledder ' magazine). So I was scribbling down while he talked and came up with what we called at the time project ' W', a Fiberglas bubble-top alloy V.8. street cruizer.

Not long after I had the final artwork in various views and a Das clay 1:25th scale body made so Paul could see where the curves were. Next thing Paul tells me is he purchased a silicone molding kit and is making a Fiberglas mold of the clay thing I sent him. By this time my wife Helen had come up with the name (I've never been good naming things!) "Hyperion".

I needed more parts that I had so off to the model shop too look for bits that'll fit the body, I had some stuff but nothing for a chassis or front axle. I purchased a 'Li'l Gasser' kit and promptly vandalized it!

The engine is a V8 mill outta a '41 Plymouth kit, the chassis is a VERY shortened Li'l Gasser one. Front axle is the 'Gasser' one dropped. Diff is off a '49 single Spinner.

Mags & front tires are from '65 Chev Impala kit and rear tires are off the 'Beer Wagon'. Seat, air scoops, twin inlet manifold & exhausts are home-made.

Paint is my own mix of blue base,monza red, pearl violet (powder) and micro metallic silver Acrylic. The bubble is ....how do I say this without you laughing.......a light plastic Easter egg wrapper....I know,I know!! Build time was about 30 odd hours. Hope 'Y' all enjoy.....Scotty.

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