Stand 'n Deliver (kitbash)

Built by:
Scott Harrod
in Ulladulla, N.S.W. Australia

This little item is a showrodded version of the 'Cobb & Co' stage coaches used in Australia in the 1800's!

The chassis is hand made from styrene tube--also the front 'I-beam' axle, the steel plates over the windows & driver's compartment (for bullet proofing..what else?) & grill are styrene sheet.

Body is balsa wood for that true timber finish (like the real ones). Lotsa parts have been schnaveled from various kits (or should I say parts box..Thanks again Paul!)

I know what you American folk are askin'...What the *%@!! are those engines?? Well.. needless to say they are twin hand made replicas of the good 'ol six cylinder Holden 'Grey' motor (used from 1948-1963) with twin blowers for a bit more 'Oomff'!

The artwork was drawn months before I even thought of building it in 1/25 scale ( again...good thinkin' Paul!) Hope you clowns get a giggle outta it....Scotty.

click box art to enlarge image

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