Meter Maid (kitbash)

Built by:
Steve Hammann
in Carlinville, Illinois

First off let me just say that this bash is a tribute to Ira Dahm's early building style. Now with that said, lets get on with the virtual box "copy".

"This vintage Meter Maid's trike has been updated with the latest (for 1968) speed shop specialties. It's so cool you'd want to get a parking ticket just to get a closer look. With detailed chassis, interior, tire chalk stick, 289 Cobra mill, mag wheels, and Goodyear skins you're sure to get a FUZZy feeling when you see it cruisin' at 5 MPH up the boulevard. There oughta be a law against having a long-haired brunette in fishnet stockings with handcuffs getting paid to to frisk you for being a menace to parking lots (oh yeah)!"

As you can tell, the Paddy Wagon was the sole donor for this kitbash. I sectioned the rear of the chassis to fit the shortened C-cab and relocated the engine, tranny, and cooling system to the rear.

I then added a scratch-built trike front end that utilizes the original steering linkage and added one of the kit's headlights directly over the front wheel so it turns with the wheel. The tail lights are craft store rubys glued onto the headlight mounts of the radiator.

Paint is Duplicolor Red/Blue Mirage from a spray can that turns burnt red / burnt orange / root beer / purple / deep purple / blue / deep blue as light passes across it. The roof, interior and exterior upholstery is painted flat black.

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