Passin' Gas (kitbash)

Built by:
Steve Hammann
in Carlinville, Illinois

The original inspiration for this build was from Scott Harrod's "Outback Water Truck". I was going to build an updated version of it but then decided to build a hi-performance racing fuel tanker instead. Thanks for the inspiration anyway Scotty!

The hi-tech hauler is called "Passin' Gas" and is done from two Boyd's Aluma Coupe kits. I first glued the body of one kit together and sectioned the nose to shorten it up. I then added the rear section of the second kit to stretch the body for tandem wheels and to support the fuel tank.

The fuel tank is really a 3/4"x11/4" plastic water pipe fitting with the ends capped by sheet styrene and the cap is really a 3/4" plastic water pipe cap just shaved down to size and glued on.

The paint is 2 coats of Dupli-Color Mirage base coat, 6 coats of Mirage Purple/Green, 2 coats of Mirage Clear topcoat. After the paint had dried for 48 hours I finished off with 2 coats of Testors High Gloss clear for a really nice shine.


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