Certain 'T' (kitbash)

Built by:
Rich Haberkorn
in Hagerstown, Maryland

I always liked the Classic Show Rod (Uncertain T), so when I got back into building as an adult I looked for the kit on E Bay...hard to find and expensive! I like the Telephone Booth'T' Cab (Raked forward preferably), so why not build my own!

The cab is from the Li'l Gasser kit, the frame was scratched from brass stock, the engine, suspension, and 'T' radiator are from the venerable Pie Wagon, and the rear turtel deck and seats are from the '25 Ford Roadster kit.

When I look back on it all...I like it better than the Uncertain T! That's why it's also known as "Richie's Rod"--it is one of my favorites!



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