Built by:
Duane Ballard
in Nashua, New Hampshire

I've always loved bubble top cars. I decided to build the Predicta about two years ago as my first one. I was amazed at how fantastic everything fell together with this kit. It's one of those rare kits that seems to build itself.

I painted the interior flat pearl white and flocked the floor boards. On the center console I used BMF. The instruments on the center console are decals. I wanted to make the TV a little more interesting so I found a picture of an old computer monitor and glued it to the screen. I then covered it with Testors clear cement.

The engine is built box stock. The only thing I did extra was run some thin black paint on the manifold to bring out a little more detail. The instruments on the engine compartment wheel well are left over decals from another kit. I also covered these with Testors clear parts cement.

From the beginning I knew I would paint it red. I just don't care for red at all. So I did my usual throw a little of this and a little of that in a bottle and see what it looks like in the end. I came up with a nice looking blue and figured I'd go with that. The blue color is mixed with cheap four for a buck acrylic craft paint. I let that dry and mixed Testors clear with Pearl Ex blue/green duo color powder. This really made the color come alive.

I used flat black paint between the grill bars on the front and gloss red for the rear. I added the dual antennas to the bubble top rib with fine wire and glued the bubble top on. I used flat black paint and a fine brush for the door panels. The bubble top was a little scratched so I polished it with Novus plastic polish and glued it on. As simple as it is, It sure makes a cool model when your finished.

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