High Octane Hauler (kitbash)

Built by:
Rich Haberkorn
in Hagerstown, Maryland

All you Show Rod Fans need to Fill-er-up some time...well just call on the High Octane Hauler!

Starting with the venerable Beer/Cola Wagon [an o'l Mack chain drive], I added some custom goodies like the front end treatment with a nice truck bumper/headlight set-up and hood scoop.

I put more beef on its bones with massive rubber up-grades. In the cool cab I have cup holders and a CB Radio for quick on-the-road response!

For the rear, a scratch-built gas pump and tank....containing plenty of High Octane Fuel for all your Show Rods of course!

Call on the High Octane Hauler....when you need the Hot Fuel in a Hurry! Yes...there are potential hazards with this Bomb...that is why I have the fun "safety" feature of OPEN HEADERS (I always shut 'er down before pumping!)

Also I added a CB Radio for 'lightning quick' on the road response because everyone knows you can't out-run a radio! When ever you need road service for HOT Fuel just give me a call!

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