Groovy Gasser (kitbash)

Built by:
Dave McGowan
in Ventura, California

The majority of my "Groovy Gasser" kitbash is based on the Revell/Monogram (Tom Daniel) Groovy Grader, the AMT Li'l Gasser and a 1/20 Tamiya Yamaha F-1 car - many other parts were stolen from various other kits and the ol' parts box.

Paint on the cab is Testors Metallic Lime Gold, while the tank is covered in Tamiya Gloss Aluminum spray. Many pearls and metallics were used to replicate the numerous raw metal parts and high-tech coatings to honor the Formula-One background.

Flame decals are from the Revell/Monogram 1968 Corvette Stingray Convertible 2-in-1, augmented with those from the Lil Gasser.

The photoetched & nylon racing harness kit came from Mr. Craft Co., Ltd., and I made the mufflers and hose fittings from K&S aluminum tubing. The hose itself is a length of synthetic shoelace that I folded and tied off with leftover rigging line from a sailing ship kit abandoned long ago. The pump/valve assembly was pirated from a Revell/Monogram (Tom Daniel) Fire Iron.

The seat was flocked using Hub Cap City black fuzz, and I covered the accelerator pedal in Bare Metal foil.

This thing has been in the works for six years, and it took this contest to motivate me to finish it up.


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