Vette Agin (custom)

Built by: Paul Burke in Cotati, California

When I first saw the Thom Taylor's illustration of The Vette Agin in a Revell catalog some years back, I thought, Revell had a winner. When the kit came out though, I was really disappointed. It was a high tech design on an old 50's frame. NO GOOD! It sat like a stock 53 Corvette and looked nothing like the sleek mean, ground-pounding machine in the catalog.

First order of business, SLAM it to earth. I used the chassis, the LS6 engine and drive train from Revell's 2001 Corvette Z06 kit. The wheel base matched up perfectly. With a little cutting and grinding, the body fit great.

The color is a flip flop magenta to gold and blue to red over pearl black. The flames are candy red, over candy gold, over silver pearl white. I hand-striped the flames to finish it off. The interior was flocked over 2 shades of tan. The Z06 wheels were aftermarket, and I sleeved the rears. A great looking car with a little work.

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