Badman IV ('55 Chevy Stepside kitbash)

Built by:
Dave McGowan in Ventura, California

I started this BADMAN IV AWB '55 Chevrolet Stepside several years ago, and it's been a real fight to get a good yellow paint job to cover without bleed-through, crazing, or drips/sags. I settled on Floquil reefer yellow covered with Tamiya Yellow with an overcoat of gold peal and Testors Glosscote.

I shortened the frame and bed at the rear and moved the fenders up against the rear cab wall. The BADMAN kit donated its blower, slicks, exhaust outlets, roll bar, shifter, steering wheel, front axle, seat and wheelie bars. An old Johan funny car donated the front Halibrand spindle mounts and the rears were pulled from the parts box.

The 396 (instead of the small block from the BADMAN) and tranny came from a R/M '65 Impala with the addition of modified headers from a ProModeler '69 Charger.

I painted the windows with Tamiya Clear Red acrylic with a brush and let them set overnight to level out and lose the brushmarks. The "IV" was handpainted to approximate the style of the original lettering.

The BADMAN was the second glue kit I ever built, and the first I ever painted. I thank Tom Daniel for designing the great showrod kits that made modeling as a kid that much more fun.


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