Pool Table Showrod

Built by:
Bill Martens
in Tampa, Florida

I started out with the body of an "Ice T", removed the roof and stretched out the body.

The PoolTable, Sticks , Balls & interior are scratch built. The poolballs are painted on pinheads. Sticks are sanded down tooth picks I even painted li'l White and Blue tips. The Table is Styrene and wood . With angle styrene for bumpers.

I used parts from a few other Showrods. Extra rails under the table, keg and steins from the Beer Wagon, Table lights from the Paddy Wagon, Rims from the Deora painted as poolballs. ( 1-3-12 &13 balls.) The license plate reads "Car Nut."

Wired the motor, faded red to yellow on white on the air scoop. The body is painted Quick Silver Metallic. And of course it has to have an 8-Ball shifter!


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