Moon Mixer

Built by: Dave Hessler in Bradenton, Florida

Well, my collection of the old Revell Corvair-powered c-cab kits in now complete with this final addition: The Amazing Moon Mixer! The other four (Patent Pending, Meter Cheater, T-Bone Stake and der Guber Wagen) are also pictured here in the guest gallery.

This kit was also the hardest to find at a builder's price but perseverance finally paid off and I got it within my budget. I actually didn't pay more than $35 for any of the five kits in this series! Of course it only took about 7 years to find them at these prices but I guess it was all in the timing.

As with the others this was just going to be a box stock build. The bad chrome was stripped off and Alclad chrome was applied on these parts. For the body and related parts, the mold seams and injection pin marks were removed and everything was primed with Plasti-Kote primer and, when dry, that was followed up with white primer. The fenders, hood, chassis pan and rear suspension parts are House of Kolor Silverwhite Pearl.

The body and bed are HoK Cinnamon Pearl. I also wanted to paint the stripes/ridges on the fenders and hood in the same Cinnamon so I shot half sheet of Bare Metal Foil with the Cinnamon Pearl and cut thin strips of the foil that were then applied onto the body and fender ridges. The Silverwhite Pearl on the body lines were applied by brush. Finally everything was cleared using DuPont ChomaClear 2 part urethane. BMF was also applied to the "Apollo" mixer as well as the bed rails. A little detail paint on the chrome Corvair power plant out back and this one was done!

These kits were an absolute blast to build and brought back a ton of early model car building memories. It's nice to build them as I had always intended to do as a kid. Maybe now I need to start the search anew and build different versions of each.............! Now THERE'S an idea!

Click on image above to SUPERSIZE it!

Click on image above to SUPERSIZE it!

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