Guber Wagen

Built by: Dave Hessler in Bradenton, Florida

With its wild "monocle" windshield and single, center mounted Cyclops-looking headlamp, "der Guber Wagen" was one of the more unusual C-Cab rods in this series, along with "The Amazing Moon Mixer" - which I am still trying to find at a "buildable price"!

I built a few of these as a kid just because they were different! Again, this was purchased very cheaply off of that online auction site (you know the one I'm talking about!), and it was complete except for the decals - which I am STILL trying to find! Hey, if anyone has a set they can spare, or reproduce, let me know!

Painted a vivid, bright orange with white trim along with white fenders with orange trim and DuPont ChromaClear clearcoat, this kit went together quite nicely.

I like the features in the rear of the cab: the sink, the storage shelves and - of course - the popcorn popper! As the box stated, it truly is an "incredible peanut packin', corn poppin' ultimate nutty wagon"! You just gotta love it!

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