Patent Pending

Built by: Dave Hessler in Bradenton, Florida's another one of those Corvair powered C-Cab rods that I've been accumulating over the past couple of years, the "Dr Krook's Traveling Medicine Show - Patent Pending".

There is just something about these rods that grabbed my attention when I first saw them as a young model builder. I still don't really know what the attraction is, maybe it's just because they emit just the right "cool factor" in my book! Plus, I just love the Dave Deal artwork on the boxes! The "Meter Cheater" ( also seen here in the Guest Gallery ) was my favorite of the series, but this one ranked a close second.

This is yet another kit that appeared at the right time, at the right price, on eBay. The box was well worn but the contents were still sealed inside, nothing was broken and the chrome was in excellent shape. Plus, everything was there - including the decals that did not disintegrate when they hit the water!

The build is completely box stock and the color is Testor's Chrysler Engine Red with a flat black top that was sprayed with semi-gloss clear. After the red had dried, the white highlights on the body and fenders were brushed on using Createx acrylic Auto Air paint and, after the decals were applied, the body and fenders received a few coats of DuPont ChromaClear 2 part urethane automotive clear. I think that this one turned out really well.

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