T-Bone Stake

Built by: Dave Hessler in Bradenton, Florida

Of the four kits in this series seen here in the Guest Gallery, this C-Cab pickup was the first one that I purchased. It was also complete in a rather ratty box. OK, it was masking tape and cellophane tape that had pieces of a box attached to it! The parts were mostly loose but they were all there, and nothing had been started! I took a quick parts inventory, placing them in a ziploc bag, and then set it aside as a "when I get to it" kind of project. I then accumulated the other kits, so this was the last to be built!

It's a pretty neat little kit and since it was done as a pickup, it differed from the others in the series, although I guess you could say "The Amazing Moon Mixer" was a pickup as well. Also, this was the only one not to feature the artwork of Dave Deal on the box.....???

Again, it's a straight box stock build and was painted bright yellow with black trim and clearcoated using that DuPont ChromaClear urethane that I favor. The wooden bed floor and the bed stakes were painted Testor's wood. Another classic kit I built as a kid that I was glad to have found again to build as an adult.

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