UNcertain 'T'

Built by: Dave Young in Junction City, Kansas

I bought this Uncertain T as a real glue bomb. The headlights, injectors, intake manifold, and rear wheels and tires were missing. I decided to take my own avenue with the car. I had the frame, grille shell, headers and front axle/suspension chromed/rechromed. I molded the body pieces together, which caused a problem when trying to fit the body to the frame. The best fix was to cut some of the rear frame frame off so it would clear. The cut area does not show anyway.

I was told by a friend of mine that the car was candy blue at one time. He was wrong. He must have seen the Car Craft magazine cover, where they did an illustration of the car on the cover, and changed all the colors.

Editor's Note-- Hot Rod and and Drag Racing fan Louis Kimery of Memphis, TN gave us this testimonial on the color saga of the Uncertain 'T'.

The base came with the glue bomb, and I decided to have fun with that. I'm a CADD draftsman by trade, so I drew up a checkerboard floor base, with a few question marks and exclamation points stuck here and there. After all, Uncertain? T! I had the paper sheet laminated, and then glued it to the base. I made the "fence posts" from polished aluminum tubing. To top the posts, I hand painted some 8 balls that were supposed to be injector tube stuffers. " ENJOY! "

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