Hard Hat Hauler

Built by: Christopher Wybrow in Stratford, Ontario, Canada

This model kit is the 1998 reissues of the Hard Hary Hauler by AMT/ERTL. I've always liked this car but it was difficult to track down in the area in which I live. I was lucky enough to receive this kit as a birthday gift. This is where the fun began!

I chose to finsh the model kit in yellow according to the artwork on the box. Not to mention that this is my 3-year old son's favorite hue! Th color of paint used was "sunshine yellow" with Boyd's Aluma Yellow Pearl over the top. Testors "Gloss Cote" is what give it its shine. I fell that the yellow color is attractive as the original red-white and blue scheme based upon the model of the acutal car.

My desire was to construct the model to better represent the full-sized car. A considerable number of changes had to occur to the original model kit out of the box. I started out by using 1/20 scale Corvette tires and wheels on the front with large 1/24 scale slick on the rear. Due to the use of these more realistically-sized tires, the whole vehicle (both bady and frame) needed to be lowered so it would sit level.

Some of the items added or replaced include a real wood bench seat (made from a tounge depressor) and a radiator which was "bashed" from another kit. I also made use of four chrome-plated sprue pieces to make a more realisti cexhaust behind the hardt hat.

If I ever find another one of these kits, I'll buy it. It was a lot of fun to build, but I'd finish the next one in the original red,white and blue scheme with the original decals from DECAL DIGS! here on the Show Rod Rally. As George Barris once told me: "The Hard hat Hauler is one cool car!" I have agree for sure.


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