Moon Coupe

Built by: Hal Schmulowitz in Baltimore, Maryland

As a young model car builder in the 1970s I always looked forward to the latest copy of Car Model magazine. Specifically I was intrigued by the articles and cars by Ira Dahm. I found his building style to be modern and eclectic. I really liked the variations on a Moon Scope series. I tried to build one then but was not successful. Then one day last year I found Ira Dahm's models on the web and a reissue of the Moon Scope in a hobby store. Though this was the Space 1999 version it was close enough. I decided it was finally time to build my own variation on a Moon Scope.

The Moon Coupe was built with only the one kit as I had no other spare parts. Several years ago I threw away my parts box in a fit of cleaning-wish I had that now. With sheet plastic I enclosed the cockpit. I was not sure what to do with the front end until I realized that the original head light was still included in the kit.

I used the Moon Scope page from the Show Rod Rally site as a reference and built a version of the original front end. The interior was modified with cut down seats and a bigger cargo area. Since the Moon Coupe has no apparent steering linkage I decided to lose the dopey stock butterfly steering wheel and go to a control stick made from wire and plastic.

I stripped all of the chrome and painted it silver. Painting was always my weak spot and this time was no different. I stripped the body once after a nasty bout with Testoršs paint. I got some blue, white and clear spray paint from Home Depot and came up with a paint scheme I could live with.

The diorama in the picture was from my daughter's school project on the lunar module. After a 30-year absence from model car building, I learned several things. One: my building skills have certainly improved and I am able to finish a project now. Two: Testoršs spray paint is still the absolute worst and Three: I actually have money now to buy supplies. Well I hope you like the Moon Coupe. My journey back to model building has been enjoyable and I hope to complete more projects in the future.

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