Vampire Van

Built by: Eric Grey in Palo Alto, California

I kind of thought twice about starting this but once I
got going it was really a fun build. It took a lot of planning to get the color and finish effect I wanted. I wanted to kind of make it look aged but not too

I know that combinations of red, black, and gold can often make that effect so I started there. I gave the whole thing a coat of red. I then airbrushed very thinned out black to create shading. I then covered the whole van with burgundy metallic. It gives it the deep rich look I wanted.

The wood frame parts were done by masking everything off, blasting some gold from a can, and an hour later rubbing them down with very fine steel wool careful not to expose the gray plastic but keeping hints of the black and red.

I flocked the interior red. The coffin wheels didn't
appear to be rubber so I made them look wood. The Barnabas figure didn't come out too good. Figurine painting was never my strong suit. Anyway, like I said it was actually a fun build although the plated parts really needed working over and I ended up putting a Pie Wagon headlamp set on the front end
instead of the lanterns.

Click image above to SUPERSIZE it!

Click image above to SUPERSIZE it!

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