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Lincoln Futura
Which Inspired the Batmobile!

  • Original year: 1956
  • Company: Revell
  • Scale: 1/24
  • Designer: Ford Motor Company

"A $250,000 laboratory on wheels" pretty well describes the Lincoln Futura. One of the most revolutionary vehicles ever to be driven on the highways, the Futura embodies many features that some day will be incorporated into the average family car. The Futura is reportedly powered by a highly modified Lincoln V-8 engine, and is built on a chassis of special design, having tubular cross members. The wheelbase of the car is 126 inches, the tread is 58.50 inches in front, 60 inches in the rear. The overall length of the car is 227 inches, while the overall height is 52.78 inches. Sleek and low-slung, the Futura with plexiglas canopies that fold back when the doors are opened, deeply hooded headlights, and functional air scoops for cooling the brakes, is representative of the current "Dream Car" experiments of the Detroit designers, and may very well be a glimpse into the near future.

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

Look a bit familiar? It should. This is the base car from George Barris developed the famed Batmobile for the original '60s TV series starring Adam West. Did Ford really spend a quarter of a million dollars developing this thing? In 1955 dollars? That's like $1.5 million today! Hmmmmmmmmm. This is a 1997 reissue.



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