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Little Deuce
Street and Show Rod

  • Original year: 1966
  • Company: Monogram
  • Scale: 1/24
  • Designer: Darryl Starbird

The Little Deuce is Monogram's companion model in 1/24th scale to our highly successful Big Deuce in 1/8th scale. It all started when famed customizer and automobile stylist Darryl Starbird went to work on a classic '32 Ford roadster. The '32 Ford Roadster, considered one of the most popular hot rods of all time, in constantly being featured in car magazines and at all the rod and custom shows. Darryl, not wanting to go radical, but instead to emphasize clean lines and rugged simplicity, of the Deuce, has overwhelmingly achieved that goal. He chose a 1960 Pontiac engine to supply the power. After much modification, it was installed with such goodies as six Stromberg 97 carburetors with progressive linkage and shallow bonnet air cleaners, all chrome plated, and a scintilla vertex magneto.

Click image above to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

I really like the look of this rod, and agree with Starbird that it maintains it's "rugged simplicity." But since I'm too young to know what a "Deuce" is, I called daddy Paul Rasmussen and here's what he said: A 'Deuce' is a thirty-TWO Ford roadster. He said they were very popular in the fifties for hot-rod customization. But only the '32 (hence the nickname "Deuce".) When dad was about 17, he knew a guy who customized one similar to this model and was willing to let it go for $450. That was a lot of money for a skinny kid from Milwaukee in 1952, so he chose Korea instead.



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