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Aston-Martin DB-5
James Bond 007 Secret Agent Car

  • Original year: 1964
  • Company: AirFix by Craft Master
  • Scale: 1/24
  • Designer: If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

With equipment supplied by the British Secret Service, the 007 version of the DB-5 was built by Aston-Martin at a cost of $45,000. Among the most intriguing options is the special seat (operated by a button on the gear lever) which can eject passengers through the roof panel to a height of 40 feet. A pair of short-barrelled .303 Browning machine guns are mounted behind the parking lights, and aimed by dash-mounted radar receiving signals from antennas in the side mirrors. A smoke-screen unit is mounted behind the tail pipe, and the taillights swing down to expose an oil ejection system and a "Commando Spike" ejector. A bullet-proof screen raises hydraulically from the truck to cover the rear window. For close-quarter combat, front and rear bumper guards extend 18 inches as rammers, and tire slashers extend 24 inches from both rear rear wheels. The revolving license plate carries British, Swiss and French registrations for purposes of disguise, while communications are handled by a radio/telephone in the driver's door panel.

Click image above to see a close-up

Click image to see special model poster.

Dave's comments:

This 1966 kit is original in it's own right--the true original was in 1964 with Aurora. One of the big three spy cars on this site, it clearly is the best-in-class compared to the man from UNCLE car and the Mission Impossible car. Hey this car has an incredible arsenal. Yes, I know--Sean Connery was the best 'Bond' of all time.



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