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Futuristic Multi-Duty Vehicle

  • Original year: 1969
  • Company: AMT
  • Scale: 1/25
  • Designer: David Carlock

The AMTronic was designed by the AMT Corporation after an original concept of the AMTronic dual vehicle, multi-engined design provided by a well-known, Detroit-based industrial design firm. The AMTronic was conceived as a multi-duty vehicle serving as an in-town runabout and commuter, and as an ultra-high-speed inter-city transport. To achieve this dual-purpose concept, the vehicle was designed as two separate units that could be mechanically connected or separated, according to the purpose desired. (Read all about this fascinating car....)

Click image to see a close-up

Dave's comments:

This is the original kit from 1969. Just reissued in 2000, this kit seems to have more parts than other kits in my collection. It was billed as a "car for the 21st Century." A wild and ambitious concept of the day that topped over 300MPH. How could they have imaged that people like me would be driving a simple Hyundai Accent in 2000. You probably cannot read it, but on the side panel above, they display a "Computor" panel. Geeezzzzzzz.

AMT designer David Carlock told me this about the Amtronic: This was based on a design parameter for a "family car" of the future, hence the mini-van back end, with the run-about "nose"



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