Willys Sedan Delivery (customized)

Built by: Scott Colmer in Corona, California

The bodywork on this model originally started when I was 12, which is some years ago. I saw an old car model magazine that pictured among some contest entrants a 40 Ford Sedan delivery that had been radically shortened. I liked the look so I grabbed a hacksaw (yes!) and shortened my already built Willys. I literally cut the built model into three pieces and threw out the centerpiece and then glued it back together. I used white glue for filler because I had no putty. A little brush on paint and it went back on the shelf.

A couple years later it came back down for the start of a Fuel Altered rebuild. A hole went in the hood and very thick primer went over the brush paint. It stopped there and the body went in the scrap box.

25 years later I was clearing out some stuff and the little Willys almost went to a friend. He passed on it and I got to thinking about a Harry Bradley fenderless sedan delivery design I had seen. The little Willy was resurrected one last time. It was the early 90s and slammers were just becoming popular. So a slammer it was to be. You can also see the ³smooth everything² influence of that period.

The bodywork consisted of chopping the back half of the roof so it would line up properly. I also added new side panel moldings that were set further back so the proportions looked right. I rescribed new door, hidden headlight door, and hood lines. Tiny tail and third eye brake lights were made by drilling holes and the filling them with clear red over chrome silver. The grill is cut out from a 32. The suspension is from a Buterra kit painted candy purple over the kit chrome. The paint on the body is rattle can Odds and Ends purple.

Maybe some day I¹ll add an engine and interior.

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