Alumina Coupe (customized)

Built by: Scott Colmer in Corona, California

The inspiration to build this model came from a desire to see if I could accomplish a truly DEEP black paint job. The Alumna Coupe had just come out so it was the mule.

It also happened that Pro Street was big at that time too and the bulbous rear end of the Alumna Coupe was a good fit for the radically large tires that could be found in the Sprint car kits. The clearance centers were dropping these for four bucks each, so it was easy to pirate a couple kits to get a set of two. The front tires are standard issue Pro Stock items that have been sanded down to reduce their height and then retreaded by rolling them over metal screen laid on a hot iron. This takes a little practice and works better with the softer rubber/vinyl tires.

The scoop came from a Revell 82 Camaro and the rear wing is scratch built. A little work was needed to tuck the tires under the rear of the car. The paint is Boyd's Classic Black with a little transparent red mixed in to pick up the light.

If I were to do it again I might do a different treatment to the windows because they became lost in the black and some of the bodylines don't show as well.

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