Tijuana Taxi

Built by: Kim Sondergaard in Nęstved, Denmark

Finally I got it! I won it on Ebay, and it was a built up glue-and-paintbomb. After a nerve-wrecking job taking it apart, the renovating could begin. There were a few parts missing that I had to scratchbuild: the cowl, the firewall, front and rear radius rods, driveshaft, rear shocks, license plate and rear light, shift lever, steering wheel and column.

The steering wheel is from the parts box, and I made the shift lever follow the Mexican theme, by using a pin head, and scratchbuilding a little sombrero and a mustache.

The rear shocks were made from Evergreen plastic tubing, and some scale nuts and bolts. The rear light submerged from the depths of my parts box, and the license plate is a little hint of the year this kit was released. The cowl, firewall, and radius rods, were made from Evergreen plastic sheet and tubing.

The frame was broken in several places, and several of the support struts for the rear fender/seats, and the running boards were missing. The roof sign was missing a chunk, and the roof were cracked. So there was a LOT of time spent making the kit ready for painting.

Finally it was ready. Of some odd reason I had always pictured the Tijuana Taxi in these colors, so I had no doubt. I used Motip automotive spray bombs, and a little Humbrol here and there. The decals I purchased, of course, from Decal Digs here on DECAL DIGS! They are spot on, great work Decal Dan!

I have always loved the Tijuana Taxi, but I never got it when it was in the shops. Because of that, it is even more pleasing to have one now that I renovated myself. But it took a LOT more work than I thought when I first saw it. I think it was more than worth it!



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