Vette Van

Built by: Gary 'Gluefingers' Husted

Little Eddie Munster finally got his driver's license. Now he needed a car. He wouldn't be caught dead driving the family car, and grandpa's ride was built for the dragstrip. What to do...

Herman knew Mr. Gateman was retiring one of the 'delivery vehicles' down at the mortuary, and that gave Lilly an idea. She went down to the used car lot where Eddie would drool over the fast, flashy sports cars. She picked one out and had them send it over to the custom shop where Herman dropped off the old company truck.

A few weeks later, Eddie got his first and last ride.

This model was inspired by the E-Type Jaguar from the movie "Harold and Maude". It was actually a rebuild of the Vette Van I did as a kid. The wood floor and rear curtains are scratchbuilt, while the rest of the little stuff came from the parts box. Thanks to Uncle Bobby for the injector stacks



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