Boothill Lunacy

Built by: Dalton Darr

The kit was recieved from my grandparents because they got it and some other showrods at an auction. The kit was a glue bomb and the suspension was missing. I was gonna restore it with parts I had in my parts box but it kind of got out of hand. 

Thats where I get the name Boothill Lunacy.  I started by stretching the frame about 2 inches. To make it look more dramatic I shortened the original body about 1/2 an inch.  The upper and lower side pieces of the body were added to replace the old glue covered ones.

Also the engine was spiced up a bit by adding a supercharger, crossing the injection stacks, and moving the engine back 1/2 of an inch. I did this so the transmission could be used as a trans axle and so the old headers would stick out farther for a unique look. A lot of the parts were either scratch built or were taking from my parts box.

It was an enjoyable build, like these showrods should be.


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