Built by: Daniel Johnson / Jasper, Indiana

I've had the idea for a kitbash of the Monkeemobile and a 1967 GTO hardtop for quite a while but thought the conversion would be more difficult than it ultimately turned out to be.  I removed the windshield frame and cowl vent area from the Monkeemobile body and cut the top, cowl, and a portion of the rear deck from the GTO as a single piece and dropped it in place.  It took some strips of sheet plastic, a little filler and some sanding to blend the deck lid of the GTO into the rear of the Monkeemobile.

I used the GTO interior but substituted the more detailed Monkeemobile dash and simulated the carpet with black flocking.   The Monkeemobile chassis was used without modification although I did widen the rear wheels slightly to accommodate larger tires.

The body was painted Testor's Boyd's grape pearl from a rattle can and buffed out with a polishing kit.  The stripe decals came from an aftermarket wheel and tire set.

Goatzilla proved to be a surprisingly easy conversion that, I think, changed the looks of the Monkeemobile rather dramatically


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