Vending Machine (in Frostie Root Beer style)

Built by: Chris Plum in Livonia, Michigan

The body and trunk and frame were painted Tamyia synthetic Pure White, the pop machine doors and engine block and bed cover were done in Tamiya Camel Yellow.

The decals were applied then all the parts were wet sanded for a high shine. The interior pads and seat and floor are done in Model Master Dark Yellow and were given a wash of dark brown to highlight all the interior padding. The kit shifter was scrapped and a new one was made with a big ball handle made from a corkboard pinhead. The engine is wired with a pre-wired distributor, and run through photo-etched looms. The carbs were plumbed with a scratch built fuel block and rubber hose. A chrome coil was added from my parts box.

All the gold chrome was done with Tamiya clear yellow. The wheels and tires in those kit were not going to be used, I wanted a meaner stance so used wire wheels from a Tony Nancy kit and fat Firestones in the back.

A chrome battery box from a WCC bike fit perfect into the undercarriage. The pop bottle taillights got a coat of clear red for a better shine.

Last the front oval windshields went in and the chrome bottle openers on the rear body installed. The decals that came with the kit just said "Soda Machine" so I made decals here in house from original Frostie ads, including the 10 cent decals. (Yea, 10 cent's for a soda right?)

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