Surf Woody (Roadster version)

Built by: Paul Canney in Avon Lake, Ohio

As important as ANY model ever kitted, the AMT Barris Surf Woody was as accurate as it was versatile. Kitted after the real creation, it also came with 3 building options. The Woody, a Hearse and an open roadster.

A couple of years ago, after seeing fellow modeler Paul Burke's Woody build up, I got the hankering for one of my own. After close to $100 for 3 partial buildups, I started building, only to have ERTL announce they were re-releasing the kit. Well, come hell or high water, I was going to use the ones I over spent on, so a lot of what you see here is original 'tin' from 1965.

One change I did do was modify the rear louver panel to close up the rear. These are original tail lights.

The wheels and tires are MRC Keystones. The paint is Cobra Colors lacquer. Quicksilver fogged to Grigio Titanio Metallic with a few coats of clear with purple pearl. The interior is painted Rosso Fiorano Metallic.

One hard lesson I did learn, is the tolerance on the hood is so close that when I opened it, the paint got chipped. I'll be gluing them down on the upcoming hearse and woody. The kit supplied steering wheel is just too big and poked out over the top of the windshield, so this one is from the parts box.

I lowered the engine into the frame so it would resemble the box art. In doing so, the kit supplied exhaust no longer fit, as it weaves its way through the frame, so I built this combination using Revell Mustang headers and solder for a header pipe, which connect to 2 straight aluminum pipes. Distributor is from Arrowhead Aluminum.

I like this one.

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