Built by: Tory Mucaro in Howell Township, New Jersey

This is the Polar Lights reissue of the Aurora Undertaker dragster. I had built (or should I say "attempted to build") this kit many years ago when I was a kid and had very limited modeling skills, and was happy to get another chance with this reissue. I built it pretty much out of the box, which actually proved to be pretty challenging in itself, what with all those chrome plated parts.

The body was finished in white automotive lacquer, and the yellow and green were airbrushed over the white using Testors Boyd colors. One of the hardest things about finishing this model for me was finding reference pictures of the actual car. I did find one on Carl Casper's website, but it was very small and not really much help. So, a lot of what I did was done with artistic (I use the term loosely) license. I finished the interior in white with green buttons, the hand on the shifter was painted Testors chrome.

The base and figures were the most fun of building this kit for me. Both the vampire and ghost were painted black with a light dusting of purple to give them a slightly eerie color. The vampire's face was painted a very pale flesh color with greenish circles around his eyes. The headstone was painted in the same manor as the car with the bat mounted on top, painted various shades of dark brown and black.

I only applied a few decals to the car as from what I could tell, there really wasn't much in the way of graphics applied to the real one. I'm guessing Aurora included them for the kids sake in the original issue, and Polar lights just went and copied the Aurora decals. So I just added the name to the back of the car and the headstone and the voodoo motif to the back of the headstone. I also the eyes to the parachute covers just to add a little color.

Though I'm sure it wouldn't win any contests, it does draw a lot of looks when I do display it in public. You really don't see too many of these built up. And after building it, I now know why! But it is VERY COOL. Well done Carl!

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