Son of Ford

Built by: Chuck Darnell in Quincy, Illinois

I purchased this 1970 issue Monogram '32 Ford Roadster "Son of Ford" kit from an eBay auction over a year ago. Owning a 1:1 Deuce (3 window) was the original inspiration behind the "purchase" ( really, I sniped it !) As I recall there were several parts that were glued rather heavily and I thought it was time to save yet another orphan and add it to my collection.

Perseverance was the key to saving this one ! After a complete disassembly, the fun began. Trail-fitting the parts for their 2nd assembly. Once all parts were refitted, the reassembly began. It was like a kit sent from heaven! Everything went together without a hitch except for a little twist in the fender/body assembly--It was off to grab the wife's commercial blow-dryer for a little coaxing. Once the fit was satisfactory, I grabbed an old can of orange paint,filled the airbrush and started spraying.

After all the painting was complete, she received a coat of wax before hitting the model case. I wanted to preserve this old kit in its "box art" form with only the parts of the kit being used.

The name of the kit - "Son of Ford" is a nickname given by the industry because fiberglass was used to replicate the scarce Steel bodied '32s. I hope you enjoy viewing this kit as much as I did salvaging it.


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