y2k ram


Built by:  Jeff Miller    Chino Hills, CA  

This is a true kit bash & although I call this my 2000 Dodge Ram it starts with an AMT 1995 long bed ram snap kit. I wanted to do a project that looked like a cross between a concept car, a race car & yes, a show rod. Now if you think those fenders are Italian, guess again !  

I cut & angled the truck bed to mate with the Fugimi Infinity Q 45 tunning kit fenders. This kit also supplied the front bumper / valence / spoiler as well as that full wing out back. The tonneau cover is scratch built & an after market corvette rolled rear pan was molded & smoothed into place.

The interior is basically stock with the exception of bucket seats from my parts box & a scratch built center console. Finally, a bright red lacquer paint job came from a rattle can & was sanded & polished. JPS provided the aluminum wheels but the only tires that looked right in those radical wheel wells of this monster, came from a slot car. That's ok as the blower pulley is actually the front wheel from a top fuel dragster. 

Hey, I warned you this is part show rod, hope you've enjoyed !


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